We extend a warm welcome to all our passengers at Monterey Regional Airport. If you have a disability or you experience mobility difficulties, you may require extra assistance while you are here and we are dedicated to help.  This page provides you with all the information you may need so you know what to do before you arrive at the airport and what to expect while you are here.

The Monterey Regional Airport strives to be fully accessible to those with disabilities and does not discriminate based on disability in admission to, access to, treatment of, or employment in its programs and activities.

Traveling with an assistive device to aid with movement? Check out this Mobility-Friendly Travel Guide

Booking Special Assistance

At the time of booking your flight out of Monterey Regional Airport or up to 72 hours in advance of traveling, please contact and inform your airline directly to book special assistance.  It is also recommended that you notify your airline in advance if you intend to take your own mobility aid, such as a wheelchair or a scooter.  In addition to requesting special assistance when making your reservation, it is also helpful to let airline/airport employees and inflight crew members of your special needs during your travel. Friendly reminders will help in assisting you with your requests.

If you need wheelchair assistance, please arrive at the airport at least two (2) hours prior to scheduled departure and proceed directly to one of your airline’s customer service representatives.

Special assistance must be pre-arranged with your airline. If you require special assistance (wheelchair assistance, seating accommodation, stowage of an assistive device, escort assistance, etc.) while at the airport, please inform your airline at least 72 hours before you fly.  It is best to give as much notice as possible for both your outbound and return journeys so our airline partners can make the necessary arrangements to give you the assistance you require. If you arrive at the airport and have not booked in advance, we will make all reasonable efforts to assist you.

Use the following links below for airline-specific information and guidance regarding booking special assistance:

American Airlines Special Assistance

United Airlines Customers With Disabilities

Alaska Airlines Accessible Services

Allegiant Airlines Passengers With Special Needs

Accessible Parking Options

Visitors with disabilities may park for a reduced rate in our Short Term parking lot by displaying a disabled person parking placard or license plate. Please view our Parking Information page for details.


Monterey-Salinas Transit operates several mobility services that provide a variety of travel options for persons with disabilities and other travel challenges to receive the same level of mobility and travel independence on public transit. For more information on getting to the airport via MST mobility service, visit their mobility website:


The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is responsible for transitioning passengers through the airport’s security checkpoint to ensure safety. If you have any questions throughout the security process, please do not hesitate to ask one of our TSA officers. Learn more about special TSA procedures for people with disabilities or medical needs on their website:


Most of the Monterey Regional Airport’s facilities are on one level, making it easy to navigate your way around.  For access to the upper levels of the terminal there are two (2) elevators at the airport, both of which are handicap accessible.  The elevator on the West side of the terminal building will take you up to the restaurant and the Art at the Airport mezzanine gallery exhibition. The elevator on the East side will take you to the Monterey Regional Airport Administrative Offices and the upper Short Term parking lot.


There are many handicap accessible restrooms located throughout the airport terminal building.  An unscented restroom is also available, located near the baggage claim.

If you have any additional questions regarding special assistance you may require, please contact us at (831) 648-7000.