Transforming MRY to Reflect the Vibrancy of the Region

Join us on the evolution and journey of our multiphase Safety Enhancement Program (SEP) as MRY transforms into a beautiful new gateway to the Monterey Region. Anyone arriving, departing, or simply passing through MRY will enjoy new, more functional facilities that evoke the essence and diversity of the surrounding area. The MRY Metamorphosis will transform Monterey Regional Airport into an airport that we can all be proud of.




Each project incorporated in the MRY Metamorphosis will go through three distinct stages: Design, Construction and Migration. During the initial Design phase, renderings will be produced. The project will then move through Construction. Once Construction is complete, operations will move to the new facilities for the final Migration stage. Keep an eye out for caterpillars, chrysalises and butterflies to determine what stage each project is in.




Big changes will be seen throughout our Safety Enhancement Program, and we will document them along the way. Browse through our Gallery to view images and renderings of the transformation of MRY.

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