Our community deserves an airport they can be proud of. Designing a Replacement Passenger Terminal Complex that is more modern and efficient will provide an enhanced passenger experience while also delivering real opportunity for the region.

Passenger Benefits

Travelers will be impressed by the beautiful Replacement Passenger Terminal Complex from the moment they drive up. The new MRY will retain all the charm that our passengers know and love, but will include amenities that our current facilities are lacking.

What We Are Keeping

We know that there is a lot to love about our current terminal and passenger experience, so we are excited to keep the amenities that our passengers enjoy most. With that, it is important for us to keep the following:

  • Parking lots close to the terminal building
  • Quick transition from ticketing to boarding
  • Convenient access to ground transportation

A relocated terminal will provide an even higher level of safety and security; retain the friendly, accessible and easy-to-use attributes of the current terminal; have no more than the current 5 passenger gates; ; meet current FAA safety standards for distance from the runway; and provide improved amenities.

What We Are Improving

An easy and convenient passenger experience has always been at the forefront of our operations, but we have been limited by an aging building that lacks the infrastructure to accommodate amenities that are typically found in modern airports. The replacement terminal will be approximately the same size as the current building but the indoor spaces will be light and airy, the outdoor spaces will be welcoming, and the entire complex will have that vibrant Central Coast feel. With that, it is important for us to add or improve the following:

  • Variety of concessions pre- and post-security
  • Improved restroom facilities
  • Wider corridors and more spacious waiting areas
  • Up to date facilities for TSA security screenings
  • Improved airline ticket lobby facilities
  • Roomier baggage claim area
  • Fully integrated designs for ADA accessibility