Replacement Terminal


During the last 25+ years the Airport has forced terminal operations into limited, inefficient space in the building, as it is not designed to support many of today’s aviation required regulations. This design inefficiency creates imperfect passenger movement and leads to added travel stress. Passenger stress points are found in security wait times, procuring snacks for the trip post security, wrestling for limited restroom space prior to boarding, and baggage delays. 

The vision for the new terminal includes a commitment to sustainability, aiming to achieve the highest green building standards. This involves integrating quality, sustainable materials and selecting finishes that capture the charm and beauty of the Monterey Region, with a specific emphasis on durability and ease of maintenance.

Through public visioning workshops conducted in July 2023, the architectural team from HOK acknowledged the need for a redesigned terminal focused on ensuring MRY remains traveler-friendly while incorporating accessible and inclusive features for all passengers. The aim is to enhance navigation and queuing, starting from parking and the curb front and extending seamlessly through aircraft boarding.