Ground Transportation


Rideshare Service

Ridesharing, hosted by a Transportation Network Company (TNC), is a service that arranges and provides transportation services, usually through a smartphone app.  The following TNCs are permitted to operate at the airport:

  • Lyft
  • Uber

Taxi Service

There are multiple taxicab companies that currently serve the airport.  Taxis serving the Monterey Regional Airport are regulated by the Monterey County Regional Taxi Authority.  In addition, all taxis serving the airport must be permitted by the Monterey Peninsula Airport District, which monitors taxi activity at the airport. Please note that a $3 Airport Surcharge will be assessed to the overall meter rate to and from the airport. No reservations are needed.

The following companies are permitted to operate at Monterey Regional Airport:

Salinas Yellow Cab

Marina Taxi Company

To provide feedback on your taxi experience, please click here.

Public Transportation

The Monterey Salinas Transit (MST) provides bus service to and from the airport.  For their current route list, system maps, fares and travel tips visit their website or contact MST at 888.678.2871.

Information regarding MST’s ADA Paratransit Program can be found on their website.

Accessible Transportation

If you require wheelchair accessible transportation, it is highly encouraged that you coordinate those services in advance.