Monterey Regional Airport Announces Air Service Incentive Program Extension
Airlines encouraged to launch new nonstop flights

Press Release

Monterey, CA – The Monterey Peninsula Airport District Board of Directors approved extending the Air Service Incentive Program for airlines to encourage nonstop service to new destinations from Monterey Regional Airport. The top destinations the airport is seeking include Seattle, Dallas/Ft Worth, Denver and Mexico. The Air Service Incentive Program was originally approved in 2014 and was set to expire on March 31, 2016. It has been extended for an additional two years.

“These are important routes and we want to show the airlines that we have the market to sustain long-term service. We believe that these incentives give the airlines an opportunity to serve the community at a lower initial risk and provides the region the chance to support them,” said Mike La Pier, Executive Director, Monterey Regional Airport.

The goal of the Air Service Incentive Program is to partner with airlines on service to new nonstop destinations. The Monterey Regional Airport is working to increase the success of airlines in Monterey while supporting the community’s needs for additional air service. Airlines have the opportunity to experience growth in new destinations with the incentive support that requires a commitment of service to allow the route to mature.

The FAA permits Airport Sponsors to offer incentives to air carriers for new service defined as (1) service to an airport destination not currently served, (2) a new entrant carrier, and/or (3) added flights to increase the frequency of flights to a specific destination. The Monterey Regional Airport will offer qualifying airlines with a qualifying flight a waiver of landing fees for one (1) year, a cash marketing/advertising incentive of $35,000 for use during the 12 months of the new service and in-kind marketing/advertising incentive of $15,000 by the airport and/or community sponsors during the first 12 months of the new service.

Over the past year the airport has been working closely with business leaders representing both tourism and agriculture to identify markets of interest. They have also been collecting data to provide to the airlines showing the potential success for identified city pairs.

The airport has notified the airlines of the program extension and will continue to work closely with airlines and community partners on expanding air service to Monterey.

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