Traveling with Children


Traveling with children? Rest assured. We understand that traveling with children can be challenging and we want to help make the trip a comfortable one for your child, and a peaceful one for you by providing the tips below. For detailed information regarding traveling with children and infants (such as safety seat requirements, strollers, etc.), please reach out to your airline directly.

Tips for Traveling with Children

  • Explain the Travel Process: If your child knows what to expect during their time in the airport and on the flight, their travel experience will be much smoother.
  • Be Prepared for Security Screening: Familiarize yourself with TSA’s modified screening procedures for children so you can be prepared for a quick trip through the security checkpoint.
  • Arrive Early: Check-in early to reserve a window seat. Watching the world from above is fascinating for a child and will help to keep them entertained during your flight.
  • Prepare Your Child for Takeoff and Landing: Children’s ears are more sensitive to changes in pressure than adult ears. To prevent discomfort during take off and landing, it may be helpful to give infants a bottle and children some gum.
  • Don’t Forget the Essentials: While airlines may offer supplies and entertainment onboard, your child will enjoy the flight even more if you remember to bring some toys, books, games, wet wipes, and other necessities.