Travel Tip


Monterey Regional Airport (MRY) has over 95 one stop destinations to places all over the world! Some of you might automatically select nonstop flights when booking your trip, but did you know that nonstop fares tend to cost more? The big benefit of one stop flights is the potential to save money. According to Business Insider, they’re almost always less expensive than non-stop flights – a definite plus for travelers that don’t mind taking a little extra time in their journey. Coupled with being able to fly out of your own backyard and a less stressful travel day – it’s worth considering the options out of MRY.

In a recent blog article we presented a side-by-side trip comparison that showed the hidden costs and hassles of driving to bay area airports. For those of you who live in Monterey County and the surrounding area, MRY provides a personal, stress-free travel experience.