Art at the Airport


Here at the Airport you can experience a variety of rotating art exhibits and new and innovative public art displays that celebrate the beauty, spirit and great creativity of the Central Coast. Scroll through the information below to see which art exhibits are currently on display in our Mezzanine and Youth Galleries.


Visualizing the Many Wonders of Monterey County Through Art

This exhibit serves to draw attention to the spellbinding beauty, enchantment, history , and serenity of Monterey County through art. The mission and purpose of Central Coast Art Association (CCAA) is to support and collaborate with the central coast as a vibrant arts community by promoting appreciation of art and providing opportunities for artists of all experience levels to develop their skills and exhibit their work.

Featured in this exhibit:

  • Historical Monterey
  • Recreation For All
  • Coastal Beauty
  • Spectacular Wildlife
  • World’s Salad Bowl and More
  • Music and Art Meca

Fun With Fabric: Monte Vista School’s Students Learn About Fiber Arts

In building a new art program at Monte Vista School, it was important to bring all of the different media experiences to the new art room. A sequenced fiber arts curriculum is essential to any art program. Fiber arts offer unique fine motor skills, experience with non traditional looms, tactile materials, and yields high student engagement. During their first year at Monte Vista, Art Specialists Wendi Everett and Heather McSwiggin introduced all grade levels to fiber arts, with basic weaving, sewing, 2D and 3D needle felting as a capstone for the middle school age students.


Against the Odds: Pioneering Women of Monterey County

Whether labeled “hell on wheels,” “pillars of the community” or “agents of change”, the energy, wisdom, and courage of the women featured in this exhibition were forces to be reckoned with during their lifetimes. Their accomplishments and contributions to the betterment of Monterey County communities underlie countless local ordinances, institutions, and civic benefits that we take for granted today.

This exhibit scratches the surface in presenting a glimpse of the many prominent women who have contributed to Monterey County’s rich history. We hope their stories will inspire today’s women in pursuing their dreams and goals, and will encourage families to preserve photos, documents and mementos of their own “pioneer women.”


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