Art at the Airport


Monterey Regional Airport’s Art at the Airport program is sponsored by Central Coast Federal Credit Union. Here at the Airport you can experience a variety of rotating exhibits and new and innovative public art displays that celebrate the beauty, spirit and great creativity of the Central Coast. Scroll through the information below to see which exhibits are currently on display in our Mezzanine and Youth Galleries.



Current Exhibits


Monterey County Works: People & Jobs Power Our Communities

Where did they go? Street sweepers, switchboard operators, copy boys, lettuce packers and cannery workers have disappeared, giving way to a host of new occupations. These jobs are memories now because of technological advances and changed social standards. Some jobs haven’t changed; people still work in offices, in stores and at home, but the tools we use to get the job done are radically different.

Mezzanine Gallery visitors can look back at the useful and curious tools, equipment and gadgets that helped lighten the load or ease the task during the work day.  Some will be familiar and some will be strange.  Just imagine what the future holds!

The Monterey County Works exhibit opened on November 3rd, 2017 and will be on display until the fall of 2018.




Santa Catalina School 2017 Art Salon

The Youth Gallery currently features the Santa Catalina School 2017 Art Salon an annual exhibition by contemporary artists featuring various styles and mediums.

“Celebrating the work of students in Santa Catalina’s upper school art classes, this exhibition of art in various mediums is presented in the closely packed, unstructured style of French salon shows – with random hanging arrangements of paintings atop each other, or nudged closely together on walls in one room.

A wide variety of courses offer Santa Catalina students the opportunity to explore painting, sculpture, photography, traditional and digital media, along with techniques for assembling art portfolios.”

This exhibit is a celebration of the upper school’s visual art courses; Art 1 – 3, digital media, photography and AP studio art. The work spans all grade levels.

Art Instructors: Michelle Avery & Claire Lerner




Against the Odds: Pioneering Women of Monterey County

Whether labeled “hell on wheels,” “pillars of the community” or “agents of change”, the energy, wisdom, and courage of the women featured in this exhibition were forces to be reckoned with during their lifetimes. Their accomplishments and contributions to the betterment of Monterey County communities underlie countless local ordinances, institutions, and civic benefits that we take for granted today.